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Artist Nathan Spratt

Nathan was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1961. Coming up in the 60's era of the Motown musical magic, it's no wonder his artistic creativity leans highly in the direction of Musical themes. Nathan's natural Artistic gifts goes back to his grammar school years and continues to the present day.


One to have always personally enjoyed creating and expressing himself artistically it has only been later in life that he began to seriously pursue a career in the Arts after being told by old friends, "Man you always been good at Art why haven't you chased that dream"

"Well here it is, I'm doing it " Nathan's self-taught style is certainly enjoyed by many Artists and Collectors. His ability to capture movement in his musical art compositions touches into the moods of Jazz ( one of his specialties in Art creation ) though many depictions flows from his creative spirit Jazz seems to be his favorite to render.

Come along and enjoy the visual communication of multiple hues figurative creation and textures,   we are certain you will be satisfied and filled with desire for more.

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